Vilvite Science Center

Sotra Kystby, Norway

YiPP were commisioned by BRUNS, and collaborating design company NorthernLight, to produce 20 interactive exhibits varying in size and complexity. We were involved in early grand design, game and interaction design, hardware consultancy and the complete production of the software. The planning, design and development of the whole science centre are executed by NorthernLight and Bruns in continuous collaboration with the Sartor shopping centre, VilVite and local schools and stakeholders.



Vilvite at Sotra Kystby will be a fun, educational leisure destination. It is being developed for and by the community and will sit at the heart of the Sotra Kystby. The Centre reflects the strong traditions of a once isolated fishing community, and nowadays the thriving centre of Norway€™s high-tech deep sea fishing industry. It is integral to the core identity of Sotra Kystby and the region; it is a place for everybody to relax, learn and have quality family time. Through fun, exploration and experimentation, visitors can explore the world around them.


One of the main exhibits is Sotra Model, a 3 meter interactive floor projection that stimulates visitors to think about the urban planning of the island. Visitors pick up one of 3 wireless handheld devices, and select an item on the floor, e.g. a shopping mall, apartment building, park, cinema, a road, or a harbor. The handheld device is now 'loaded' with this item. Next, the visitor decides where to put the item on the island. Of course, not everything can be placed anywhere. Over time, the island fills up with ideas from all visitors. The installation evokes discussion as much as it is fun to do. YiPP co-designed the game and programmed every bit and byte. Furthermore, the bespoke wireless handheld device was created at YiPP.



A wide variety of games have been designed for Vilvite. There are 3 games with 3D simulations, games that stimulate creativity, games that stimulate cooperation. Some games are just plain fun, some are mainly informative. You name it, and it's there.


We created 3 simulator games: hang gliding, fishing (in a boat) and rowing for 1 or 2 visitors. These games all have their particular challenges and learning goals: while hang gliding, players discover highlights of the island of Litlesotra. Fishing for cod is quite easy, but herring and especially mackerel require more skills. And rowing will only work when executed well synchronised.