ALD Mobility Centre

Hoofddorp, Netherlands

ALD Automotive’s Mobility Experience Centre offers a unique approach to mobility awareness. The centre piece is an astonishing interactive 19-monitor setup where companies or individuals receive their tailor made mobility solution.



This installation helps customers find the best personalised mobility strategy, be it more sustainable, smarter or more cost efficient. The outcome of the mobility interactive is plotted on A2 paper and taken as the starting point for further in-depth sessions and discussion.
Since the opening of their experience centre, ALD's account managers are now able to start up an in-depth, well visualised discussion about mobility. One that not only appeals to customers but is also understandable.
YiPP was involved by Tinker Imagineers to unravel and re-structure the complex content and turning it into a sensible user experience.


Software design & development: YiPP
Exhibition Design: Tinker Imagineers
Hardware: Phanta Vision