Shenzhen Gas Science Museum

Shenzhen, China


The primary goal of the Gas Science Museum is to educate all children from primary and secondary schools in the Shenzhen area about gas related subjects. These subjects are -for example- our planet Earth, the environment, fossil energy, gas as an energy supplier, gas safety, gas in our daily lives, the development of natural gas in Shenzhen and the use of gas in the future.

Although the Gas Science Museum is mainly focused on the young pupils, the museum also welcomes students, families, employees of the Shenzhen Gas Corporation and government officials.

YiPP was asked by NorthernLight to carry out some of the multimedia designs in the Gas Science Museum. We were involved in creating interactives for a couple of the exhibits.
At the Technology Playground, where can be learned how gas as a fossil fuel is formed over thousands of years, visitors can create different kinds of gases themselves.
At the Home Discovery Quest people can learn, by using an Ipad with Augmented Reality, in what ways gas is used in our homes.
We also created the Safety Games, where visitors have to fix safety problems at home by finding the right solutions and save complete cities from burning down by closing the right pipelines.
Furthermore YiPP collaborated in the exhibits about the bottled gas delivery process and fuel cell possibilities.


Multimedia: YiPP
Concept & Design: NorthernLight

Engineering & Build: EBT