Rotterdam Discovery

Rotterdam, Netherlands

At the Rotterdam Tourist Information office we collaborated in the project 'Rotterdam Discovery' by developing two applications. One of them is a photo booth in which people can make a picture of themselves with an iconic Rotterdam background. With the other one, visitors can design a new building and place this in the Rotterdam skyline.


At the photo booth the visitors have to stand in front of the green wall and the picture is being made. After that the people can choose a couple of things: the background, their position in front of the background and their own size. The picture is being composed now and the picture can be sent by e-mail.


Here visitors can design a new building for the skyline of Rotterdam. The silhouette of the building is built up by differently shaped blocks. Then the designer gives the building a name and places it in the Rotterdam skyline. At last, but not least, the visitor can choose a nice colour for the sky, referring to the weather and the time of day. The final result will be sent to the given e-mail address.


Interactives: YiPP
Concept design: Perspekt Studios

Hardware: Moetwil en van Dijk
Engineering & Build: Hypsos

Photography: Guido Pijper - Twelve Photographic Services (copyrights: Rotterdam Tourist Information)