Your choco dream has come true.


216 m2 of unique Choco-Store

Tony's is about creating 100% slave-free (and delicious) chocolate. Up until now they have only had one store at the Westergasterrein. Being the fastest growing Dutch chocolate brand, for their second store, they wanted to go bigger. Plus, this Super Store needed to be a chocolate experience.Together with the lovely Tony's staff and Sandenburg Concept Creation, we set out to create some crazy elements for Tony's Super Store.


At the 'Manifest' we explain what Tony stands for, in a spectacular 2 wall projection mapping. The typical uneven choco bar was used as a 3D element.
'Bean to Bar' is a very mad machine with turning, rotating and moving items. It explains how Tony's handles and tracks the whole supply chain. Again, we projection map right onto all the moving elements - perfectly synchronised.

Read the Parool article here.


Commissioned by: Tony's Chocolonely
Animations & software: YiPP
Store concept: Sandenburg
Build and Engineering: Fiction Factory
Hardware: MAV techniek