?!What the....Wednesday

Wednesday 12 October 2016

From now on every wednesday we collect and share our favorite projects. This first week an interactive race experience, the use of colour in storytelling, amazing code based visuals, perspective tracking demo's, and the story of a mysterious hexagonal room with an interior where 'Star Trek meets Mad Man'...

So we decided to meet up every week to share our favorite things that have inspired us last week, here we go:

Faster Than

Render heads created this beautiful interactive race experience for a popular sports brand. Visitors were given the chance to test their mettle against virtual athletes and have the experience recorded and packaged into a custom digital takeaway.

Project Cybersyn

99% invisible is a great podcast , it's about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about. Earlier this year they made an episode on project Cybersyn: On September 11, 1973, a military junta violently took control of Chile, In the midst of this takeover, the military discovered a strange room in a nondescript office building in downtown Santiago. The room was hexagonal in shape with seven white fiberglass chairs arranged in an inward facing circle.This “operations room” (or: opsroom) was the physical interface for a complex system called Cybersyn. You can read and listen to the full story on 99percentinvisible.org

Coloured emotions

An interesting post about how the lighting in the movie Whiplash reflects the emotions of the main character, and therefore really ads another layer to the storytelling.

Raven Kwok

Interesting looking video with amazing visuals from Raven Kwok. a visual artist, animator and creative programmer (a good combination of skills!) whose work you definitely should check out. We were also interested to see his experiments on perspective tracking.

Lernert en Sander

And finally: Amsterdam-based Studio Lernert and Sander creates art, advertising, music video's and so on... We always get inspired by their brilliant ideas wrapped in a beautiful clean visual design....