Wonderlijk wad

Ecomare, Texel

Ecomare is known to many as a seal sanctuary and museum on the Dutch Wadden island of Texel - but it is so much more than that! Over 270.000 visitors each year learn about the Wadden Sea, the UNESCO World Heritage in the Netherland’s own backyard. They experience the greatness of the mud flats and hopefully learn to better protect this magnificent region!

YIPP created 8 interactives for the museum’s new exhibition space Wonderlijk Wad, covering all facets of this unique UNESCO area. Play the game “Vast of Gast” to discover which animals permanently live in the Dutch Wadden Sea and which ones are merely visiting. Discover how your own lifestyle impacts the region and find out what wadden animals eat in our food quiz. Or experience how dynamic the Wadden Sea is, by creating it yourself! Hop onto the interactive floor and decide for yourself how much land or water to add to your sea and which animals will want to inhabit your piece of 'Wadden'.