Technopolis is the Flemish activity-centre for science and technology. They wanted their partnerzone to become a fully-interactive, immersive, and layered environment, completely adaptable to new themes. As the name of the zone may reveal, several quality partners must be intensely involved when developing the concept. The exhibition had to be fun for young and old, both profound in terms of content, and accessible and playful.


For this project, YIPP kept the concept, spatial design, game design, and the hardware in-house. We also developed a tracking system based on a grid of depth cameras and self-trained artificial intelligence. This allows for seamless, extensive interaction throughout the space. As it is tracked from above, the tracking can be used by several people at once, offering visitors a unique interactive experience.

For the first exhibition, Zeekracht, we worked together with nine different partners on in-depth interviews that we ultimately distilled into a single, overarching narrative.

What were the deliverables?

  • 1 immersive, interactieve space
  • unique tracking system with depth cameras and AI
  • 1 large projection table
  • 6 touchscreen applications
  • 1 touch video wall

The experience

Immediately upon entering, visitors are immersed in an underwater world. After reading a short introduction about sustainability and the sea, a large space full of projections invites visitors insideā€¦The room reacts to its visitors with every step and touch. Small fish swim around their feet, starfish slowly move around the edges, and even the ground moves with the tide.

Various games can be played on the three walls. Visitors are challenged to build a windmill without scaring off the fish, to make waves that generate energy, to find fish, and help shellfish find a spot to cling to. Players use their entire body to create air bubbles, control a drone, or zoom in to get more information.

The second part of the exhibition allows visitors to delve deeper into the content. The interactive port table shows them which green solutions could meet the enormous energy needs of a port. Visitors create their own vision of a sustainable future and the sea on three large screens and projection that fills the wall. Eventually, young and old walk away with an unforgettable experience and a lot more knowledge.

Would you like to know more about Partnerzone or do you have a similar project? Please get in touch with Wouter van der Zouwe (wouter.vanderzouwe@yipp.nl).

Photography by YIPP
Video by YIPP