Amsterdam port & city

National Maritime Museum


What is the relationship between the city of Amsterdam and its port? This centuries-old interaction is central to the Amsterdam port & city exhibition. The past, present and future of the port had to be made tangible and interactive. And it's not about numbers, but about how the city and people's lives have changed.


In in-depth and interactive games, the visitor is made part of the special interaction between the city and the port. Players are given an active role in shipping and are encouraged to make choices that really play a role in the past, present and future.

What we delivered

• Multiplayer immersive end game for 7 players
• Transshipment game
• Game on economical impact
• Live maritime data visualisation
• Interactive word quiz
• Animation 'Birth of the city'

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Photography by Amy Kouwenhoven
Video by Brechje de Koning commissioned by the National Maritime Museum