Bits of You

NEMO Studio


NEMO Studio is thé place where (young) adults can experience and discuss the future. In this laboratory full of interactive programs about scientific and technological developments, NEMO wanted visitors to discover which data traces they leave behind on a daily basis and how these influence their lives. And so the basic idea for 'Bits of You' was born.


While the visitor unknowingly watches a custom made animation in a lounge chair, YIPP reels in as much data as possible in order to surprise the visitor afterwards. For this to work, software, hardware, AV and construction had to come together perfectly. Thanks to our close collaboration with NEMO, SFA and Fiction Factory, the software analyzes, among other things, the input of a sensor in the lounge chair, the camera images of the visitor's face and the depth images of the room. After watching the film, visitors are shown a photo of themselves, what gender and age the algorithm estimates them to be, how many friends they brought with them and how they moved while watching.

What we delivered

• Multi sensory interactive that gathers as much data from the visitor as possible
• 4 special viewers triggering audio and video
• 4 interactive touchscreens with personal background stories and articles. All content is specially written, and put into the YIPP CMS, by NEMO Kennislink

Want to discuss Bits of You or similar projects? Contact Wouter Verbiest (wouter.verbiest@yipp.nl)

Credits: Photography by DigiDaan commissioned by NEMO.