Digital Art Center Rotterdam


Digital Art Center Rotterdam was looking for a playful, impressive eye-catcher. The first thing you see upon entering this new museum below the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. It had to be a space where children could create and get comfortable with digital art, before seeing and learning all about it during their visit.


In the hallway of the new museum, children can make their own drawings, which immediately join the gigantic, interactive animation on a huge screen measuring 5 by 25 metres. Children draw UFOs, rockets, helicopters, or hot air balloons, and place them in a special scanner. Then the drawings instantly appear on the big screen!


  • Concept & artwork
  • Scanner software
  • LED wall 3D environment & software

The experience

What an entrance! The earth revolves and it becomes day and night on an LED screen that fills the entire wall. This quiet, Dutch landscape is suddenly shaken-up by UFOs trying to beam-up pieces of earth. Children are invited to draw rockets, helicopters, UFO’s, and hot air balloons. Once placed in the scanner, they fly directly over the landscape on the wall. The landscape looks as though each element has been drawn and cut-out, so that the children’s drawings always match.

To make things even more exciting, players can push buttons to magically reveal a gigantic octopus, Godzilla, tornado, rainbow, or thunder cloud. A fitting way to set the tone for all the exciting digital art the museum visitors are about to discover.

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