Laufen, Switzerland

Most people will recognise this famous Alpine catchphrase: ‘Riiicolaaaa!’ Now the Swiss herbal throat lozenge has its very own experience shop in Laufen, Switzerland. Here, visitors can step into the enchanting world of inner wellness, with fun, interactive games provided by YIPP.

The brand invites visitors to smell, taste, create, and even package their very own Ricola sweets. A series of interactives guides them through the Experience Shop, situated above a small sweet shop in the tiny (yet mighty) town.

Subtle flavours and subtle branding
Partnering with NorthernLight and Heijmerink Wagemakers, YIPP had the pleasure of creating a series of interactives that focus on the production process of the sweets.

Keeping everything on brand, without it feeling too commercial was a fine line. The overal aesthetic of the experience centre is spot on: A cosy feeling that focuses on local history, local famers and producers, and local ingredients.

That heritage is introduced in a series of beautifully-shot videos that show how the herbs are grown and harvested in the Swiss fields.

Rating your Ricola
Visitors can do more than just learn about the herby delights, they get to make their own from start to finish through an interactive game. From picking flavours and mixing herbs to chopping sugary snakes into bitesized chunks to form a Ricola cough drop.

Always wanted to design your very own flavour? Another interactive let’s you tinker with taste! Visitors pick their herb mix from a wonderful wall of ingredients. Each herb-filled pot contains an RFID tag, which can be scanned beside a screen. Look at the projection, as a life-sized bag starts filling up with your hand-picked ingredients.

And what’s more iconic that the box Ricola sweets come in? That too can be designed by visitors, completing the life cycle of this beloved herby sweet.

Make sure to visit the Ricola Experience Shop if you’re around Laufen, it’ll be sweet!

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