Handcraft and technology become one as YIPP helps the Zuiderzeemuseum breathe life into a prized model of its open-air museum.

In the historical harbour town of Enkhuizen lies one of the Netherlands’ most venerated museums: The Zuiderzeemuseum. Featuring an open-air museum focused on authentic local handcrafts, as well as an impressive collection of historical objects and collaborations with contemporary Dutch designers.

From pet project to main attraction

To honour the opening of the open-air museum in 1983, museum volunteer Sijfert Smit was asked to create a scale model; which he made entirely from wood. For the last 20 years that model has been in the museum depot, but for the 75th anniversary of the museum, was finally ready to be restored and reimagined.

YIPP was tasked with bringing the model to life through projections and animations. The result is an interactive model that informs and delights visitors of all generations. Learn about the open-air museum as you visit a series of touchscreens, an watch projections strengthen the narrative live on the scale model.

Spotlights and smoking chimneys

A first for YIPP was figuring out how to project on moving objects – somewhat like spotlighting actors on stage – of which the model has several. While smoke billowing from the chimneys is already an impressive sight, seeing stories about the museum come to life through animations is even more so.

Listen to seagull Marretje tell stories about the museum and direct you towards the boat. Projections are entirely synced with the model’s mechanism, meaning that visitors can follow that boat’s course as it sails through the river towards the museum.

This project was realised through crowdfunding and a must-see when visiting Enkhuizen.

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