Technopolis, Mechelen, België

Technopolis has a new permanent exhibition all about artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

The exhibition ON/OFF in the science and experience centre Technopolis in Mechelen features an entire gallery of (new) technologies waiting to be tried out. Including lots of setups and experiments, visitors can experience how it feels to wander around in a virtual world. This ranges from artificial intelligence and virtual reality to eye tracking and motion capture.

This is no ordinary overview exhibition about technology. ON/OFF allows visitors to get started in an accessible and playful manner within a large, defined playing field. YIPP developed a number of intuitive and innovative interactives that put ‘play’ in a central theme.

Using your eyes to steer

Have you ever dreamed of moving something using just your eyes? YIPP developed an eye-tracker game based on the classic game of ‘snake’, players steer the snake by looking at a screen. After numerous tests, a setup featuring two players sitting next to each other works best. Visitors are glued to the screen!

Catch monsters together

YIPP developed their very first interactive on a climbing wall for Technopolis. This climbing wall stimulates teamwork in order to catch all the monsters. Visitors are challenged to catch monsters while their movements are ‘tracked’ by depth-cameras. Of course, visitors who can’t or won’t climb have been taken into account. A touchscreen allows them to add extra special monsters that make the challenge for those on the wall even more difficult!

Story lab

In a setting that encourages people to work together, visitors make their own stop-motion film using a limited number of frames.

Everyone get to work!

This exhibition is accessible for people in wheelchairs and even children who can’t read can participate. ON/OFF invites you to get to work!

Would you like to know more about this project or do you need help with a similar project? Get in touch with Wouter Verbiest (wouter.verbiest@yipp.nl).