AI Pavilion Experimenta

Heilbronn, Germany

Where does artificial intelligence come from? What can it do, and what can you expect from it in the future? Find out at Experimenta’s new Pavilion.

The art of AI

Experimenta, Germany’s largest science museum, is expanding its offerings: in the exhibition in a new wooden pavilion, the science center presents insights and perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI). New addition to the museum is the AI Pavilion where you are invited to play with Artificial Intelligence. Paint a masterpiece with AI or compose a poem. Like what you made? Take it home as a souvenir!

Always on topic

Artificial Intelligence didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. The AI Pavilion demonstrated all the technical innovations that came before it. This exhibition features past, present and future innovations. When designing this exhibition, YIPP was faced with a challenge: How to design an exhibition with longevity? A challenge because the subject is evolving at a mind-boggling pace. So, instead of using the kind of AI applications everyone and their dog has used before, the pavilion focuses on what AI really is and how it works.


Visitors are greeted by playful interactives that combine physical and digital games. These AI applications are a far cry from those you would use at work or on your phone. Players can create a poem by placing physical tokens in a ‘machine’. Much like a giant, AI version of connect four, in which you’re competing against an AI. Ever wondered how a ‘neural net’ works? The interactive with the holobox will reveal all.

Another unique addition to this exhibition is how the light and sound design inside the space are influenced by live data and help from ChatGPT. The weather, the number of visitors, and the input from various interactives all play their part in the soundscape you hear.

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