Kalkara, Malta

In 2016 we've been working on the National Interactive Science Centre in Kalkara, Malta. With a total exhibition area of about 4,000 m2 it is the first of its kind in Malta, offering visitors an unforgettable, hands-on science experience.

Esplora Science Centre is located at Villa Bighi in Kalkara overlooking the Grand Harbour. The building was formerly used as a hospital by the Royal Navy.

The science centre consists of a number of buildings and outdoor spaces, altogether 1200 square meters, 2 galleries, all interconnected following an extensive restoration and development process. Thirty exhibits are to be found at the Science Centre.

YIPP produced all 30 multimedia exhibits in the Science and Space wing. Themes such as space exploration, the human body, the earth and energy were covered in a variety of interactive exhibits.


• Learn about the solar system in a 5m diameter interactive floor projection
• Try to navigate the sea around Malta in a multiplayer 3D sailing game
• Build your own eco-friendy house on Malta
• Fly above Malta and explore the principles of flight
• Find out about life in space in a life size ISS space station replica