Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jet Bussemaker, Secretary of Education, Culture and Science opened this exhibition space in Amsterdam 16 oktober 2013. Verzetsmuseum Junior talks about the lives of children during WWII. It is specifically aimed at children age 9 and up. It was voted "Most Innovative Excursion 2014" by the members of the Dutch ANWB.


YiPP produced customized software for this physical projection-mapped book. Each page is individually recognised, so visitors can freely browse through the pages. Animations by Barbara Mulderink are projection mapped on the white pages of the book.


In the 'Shopping Game' visitors find out all about the shortage of products during World War II. By interactive play, it becomes clear how many -and which- products were actually rationed.
In the 'Propaganda Game', try to match the different phrases with the right propaganda posters. These are actual posters the Nazis used to convince the Dutch people of there cause.
'Persoonsbewijzen' teaches all the aspects of the forgery of identity cards during WWII: what specific parts needed to be counterfeited? Who actually needed these forged identities?


The acclaimed Verzetsmuseum Junior gained much media attention. A short selection:
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Voted "Most Innovative Excursion"