Soest, Netherlands

In the 19th century horse farm 'het Gagelgat', YiPP took care of all interactive installations. Just the farm itself is definitely worth a visit, but if you bring one of the special RFID necklaces along, your journey really turns into something very special.

RFID badges - experience your own story

Along the farm there are stories hidden which are told through interactive installations. Can you find all the Gagelgat logos that light up when you come closer? This is were your journey really starts!

Pick your own route: be a Historian, Cultural lover, Horse Whisperer or a Horse Fan! Every route comes with its own badge. Depending on which badge you've chosen, the interactives tell different stories. They are hidden in jars, that need a little lift. Or the stories are written on the walls for you once you've activated your badge.