Generation Discover

Shell recently launched Generation Discover, a nationwide, educational project. The bright ideas hub is an exciting part of this program. In the bright ideas hub 10-11 years old kids are inspired and challenged to come up with their own solutions for a sustainable future.

Generation Discover

Shell has launched a national educational program, called Generation Discover. A series of unforgettable experiences in science and technology. Aimed at primary and secondary school children, students and young entrepreneurs. Generation Discover encourages children to think differently and use their problem solving skills.

Bright ideas hub

YiPP was asked by NorthernLight to co-create the bright ideas hub, a part of the Generation Discover program, a place for kids to explore solutions for three global challenges. In this futuristic igloo 10-11 years old school kids are inspired to think about questions like:
• How do we make sure that all people on earth have enough food?
• How do we assure that all people on earth have access to clean drinking water?
• How can we assure that people have access to cleaner and affordable energy?

In the bright ideas hub the main roles are played by three interactive tables, with the themes Inspire, Amaze and Create. At the Inspire table the children get a brief intro in the three global challenges (food, water and energy) and they play a couple of minigames about the challenges. At the next table, Amaze, the school kids undergo an Amazing Inventions Quiz, presented by a robotic quiz master. The Create table has a model of a city on top and two VR headsets are available to show the kids how VR can be used in visualising ideas. Tablets are available for 3D modelling and showing their inventions as AR at the city model right away.

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