Spoorwegmuseum, Utrecht

Always wanted to know how trains work? Find out in the Spoorwegmuseum Techlab! Check out the inner workings of the huge steam locomotive with our virtual viewers. Build your own 3D fantasy train. Do all the technical tests and last but not least ... take the final exam.


Build your own train

Feel like constructing your own train? Choose from all the different parts you've learned about: wheels, tracks, brakes... do you fancy sleak and aerodynamic or rather choose an old school model? When you're done, it's time to customize! Pick your skin: you can have a graffiti train, a wooden or golden train, neon, pinkish hearts and more. There's something for everyone. Finally, give the train a fancy name. In style, of course.

Take an augmented picture with your train

When you're done, take the white 'rail bar' and hold it in front of you. Your train will appear on your rail bar, on screen. Now take a picture, and send it to a friend!

The final exam

After checking out the whole Techlab and trying out all the experiments, you might feel ready for the final exam. You'll get a random selection of 10 questions, varying from multiple choice to Photo Play to mix & match. Try to make it onto the daily high score chalk board!