Leuven, Belgium

The collection of M Leuven contains more than 52.000 pieces of art and the objects you see in the exhibits is just a small part of that. We were asked by M Leuven to collaborate in presenting their collection in a new way.

So how do you present such an extentive collection to the public? What do you show, which objects are the chosen ones? If you flash back to earlier decades and centuries, you can see that the way museums present their collection is reliant on the period in time and the fashion of that period. Two ways of presenting are shown at the museum, in a modern way and in the same it was done around 1900. At the touchscreen we have put at the exhibit the visitors can decide for themselves how to re-create the exhibit.

M Leuven and the University of Leuven like to find out how people look at art. What attracts our attention in art? How long do we look at certain aspects of a painting? How do you look at art? The eyetrackers which are adjusted to the screen can follow and register the movement of your eyes.