Let's get physical

Frame Awards, Amsterdam


How can an interactive installation help connect people in public spaces? Our autono-mous research in collaboration with our partner Northerlight was shown at FrameLab during the Frame awards in Amsterdam.


An intelligent, multi-sensory space that connects people through experimentation. Inter-active projection mapping entices visitors to constantly react and get closer to one anoth-er.

What were the deliverables?

  • 1 interactive installation
  • interactive projection mapping
  • interactive soundscape

The experience

During the two-day FrameLab 2019 event, visitors experienced the future of interiors and public spaces. Leading interior design magazine FRAME collected designers, innova-tors, architects, and visionary brands. YiPP and Northerlight were also invited to show their autonomous research ‘Let’s get physical’. Once visitors step into the interactive installation, they see light particles that are seem-ingly stable. A visitor moving through the space sets off a reaction in the light patterns and soundscape. If a second person enters, this triggers a forcefield between them.

Abstract patterns flow around the visitors and almost pull them closer together. The third, fourth, and fifth person each triggers a different pattern that forms a connection between the people and constantly reacts to their individual movements. If the group get too close, the particles burst open like fireworks.

Would you like to know more about Let’s get physical or have a similar project in mind? Please get in touch with Wouter van der Zouwe (wouter.vanderzouwe@yipp.nl).

Photography by YIPP
Video by YIPP