Forum Groningen

Storyworld - this young and interactive museum is dedicated to visual storytelling in general and comics, animation and games in particular. Here, visitors can discover what happens behind the scenes and try out the tools that professionals use for themselves!

Located in Groningen’s new iconic Cultural Centre “Forum”, Storyworld invites visitors to unravel the secrets of storytelling in a hands-on and playful manner. All of the 15 interactive exhibits that YIPP developed for the museum bring visitors closer to different facets of storytelling. One interactive moves players to design their own movie background, another shows how important the setting of suspense can be. The mimics exhibit detects a players emotion using facial tracking. Players can then learn more about how emotions are typically depicted in comics and movies.

Many of our interactives allow for visitors to create something unique that they can save and share afterward. Lie on the floor, place yourself inside a strip and capture the moment in a photograph! Create your own short video clip at the Stop Motion Atelier that you can watch and save. Add the background to a superhero comic set in Groningen! Place the superhero at the right angle by taking pictures of the 3D printed model of the city in front of you. The superhero is already in the image. Now you just have to chose the right frame!

Visitors can easily save and share the take-aways either by scanning a QR code and immediately saving the file on their phone, or send by sending the file via email.