One off projects

Friday 23 October 2020

Very often we create a 'group' of interactives for our clients. But just as often we deliver a one-off installation, game or experience. Underneath you'll find some projects that opened in the past few months..

Klein Venijn?

Klein Venijn? is an installation for the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health. It is the first of a series of exhibitions, which will eventually form an interactive exhibition about public health. With the traveling interactive exhibits you learn how viruses and bacteria are your friend and enemy all at the same time. Reach the high score together with your friend, brother, grandfather or neighbour by outsmarting pathogens in a wildly exciting game. Only the people behind the monitor see where the viruses and bacteria float around which the player in front of the screen has to avoid. This interactive installation was made in collaboration with Kloosterboer and designwolf.

Klein venijn at the Groninger Forum

ALD Mobility Design Center

The Mobility Game is located in the Mobility Design Center of ALD Automotive. What does your current mobility policy look like and what challenges are you facing? Do you want to stimulate sustainability, offer more freedom of choice or save costs? In a two-hour interactive session, you will be taken on a journey through all smart mobility options by using the latest interactive techniques.

Mobility Design Center

Build your own canon

This summer we made the interactive game Build your own canon together with Synergique. It is on display in the new exhibition CANON ANNO 2020, located in the Dutch Open Air Museum, Arnhem. Visitors are invited to create their own Dutch Canon. The amount of subjects is limited. Which subjects do you choose? Which events are important and must be recorded? Each cube contains a series of smart stickers, so your unique outcome is immediately visualised. The game shows the complexity and considerations involved in putting together a canon.

Fotography: Wim de Knegt, Synergique


For the temporary exhibition Type 1 diabetes out of the world for Rijksmuseum Boerhaave we have made the interactive game A day with Diabetes 1. Visitors get the chance to spend a day with someone diagnosed with Diabetes type 1. In various scenarios you have to decide whether it is necessary to inject insulin or not. You receive feedback, depending on the action you chose. The main character will explain why you made the right or wrong choice and how this can affect a person with diabetes.

Insuline Game Screen Capture