Our personal top 5

Wednesday 12 February 2020

As the new year has started up fully, we at YIPP took a moment to reflect and look back. To find out what the best exhibit would be we’ve ever made. But not by price, amounts of visitors, publications or anything alike. We’ve asked ourselves, what is your personal top 5 of all time. So without further ado here the top 5 favourite exhibits from the YIPP people…

5th place

Interestingly enough, this spot is shared by 3 exhibits at once. And to make it even more interesting, they are all from our more recent exhibition launches and definitely the newest ones of this list.

Steampunk world

Let's start it off with "Enviroment" from Storyworld: The visitor controls a projected beautiful landscape by changing factors like the overall mood, the time of day or even pan through the world changing the whole scenery.

Prototype of jellyfish movement

The “Jellyfish wall” as we call it from Experimenta: On a huge projected surface different creatures of the sea roam around and mind their business. The visitor interacts with them by coming closer. Some of the animals will flea from you while others are curious about this weird creature with legs and come to observe it from up close.

Can you find him?

And lastly another Experimenta exhibit. In “Where is the panda?” visitors have to find a hidden panda in our awesome hidden objects style illustrations. The clue behind it? The only input the visitor can give is via the Tobii-eyetracker. Our software detects what you are looking at and knows for sure if you have actually found the panda and takes track of your time and viewing pattern.
Info on Experimenta

4th place

Round and round they go

Way back in the days when YIPP was still quite small we made the Bullet Time exhibit for Technopolis. 48 cameras were mounted to a special Rig and we programmed them to fire at just the right moment. In no time a video was created for the visitor giving them an awesome 360° view of themselves frozen in time.
Enjoy our timecapsule

3rd place

Image by Mylene Siegers

Talking about time, this one takes place way before any of us existed. Back when Dinosaurs roamed. T.Rex graffiti at Naturalis gives the visitor the chance to decide for themselves how a Tyrannosaurus rex could’ve looked like. Polka dots? Sure, why not. Feathers? You bet! We provide different “spray cans” the visitor just needs to bring imagination and off we go!
T-Rex in town and on our website

2nd place

Spring time in Brabant

Back to the present day with our 2nd place. In “Bos” - dutch for forrest - at the Natuurmuseum Brabant everything revolves over the life in the forrest. Be it small little critters, different types of birds or even the trees themselves. This multimedia exhibit consists of lots of smaller exhibits which grow together (pun intended) to form something bigger. Fun fact: Just like a real forrest, this exhibit is influenced by the seasons. So you can go there every couple of months and discover something new!
Jump into Bos

1st place

Image by digidaan

From the peaceful forrest we head to the outer atmosphere to finish this up. First place goes to the giant installation we did for Nemo: Protect earth! Equipped with special shields the visitors deflect meteors, sun rays and space debris on collision course with our beloved planet.
More on Protect earth

This finishes of the top 5. Needless to say the list of what people voted on was way longer than just these five. But that is just how democracy works.