Heilbronn, Germany

Opened in spring 2019, Experimenta is now the most ambitious and largest science center in Germany.

In autumn 2016, we started feasibility studies and calculations for 2 floors in the brand new Experimenta building. In September 2017, after extensive preparation, we started batch delivering 63 interactive installations together with BRUNS. For the duration of 1 year, on average 8 multimedia exhibits of varying size needed approval each month. Just to get the job done in time.

A sneak preview of what's inside:

Experimenta quick facts

Exhibition size: 2x 900 m²
Number of exhibits: 111
Multimedia exhibits: 65


Live cam of the construction site.
Video showcasing the whole scope of the project.


The exhibits offer a wide variety ranging from playful interactivity to immersive environments. Examples:
• Large AV productions
• 2D and 3D games
• Augmented/Mixed Reality
• High speed camera interactives
• Eye and emotion tracking
• Facial recognition
• Holobox
• And much, much more


Floor 1 in the building is all about materials. The gallery, called StoffWechsel, leads visitors through Hart, Ungreifbar, Leuchtend, Strukturiert and Lebendig. There's a whole lot to see, hear, feel and play. From a crashed car to a wind tunnel, a water zone, ice sculptures, a speeddate with life and off to the all important question... When does a banana actually die?
Everything culminates into a grand, material avatar dance finale.


On floor 3, WeltBlick is all about becoming a world explorer. Visitors are guided through 5 zones Observe, Demonstrate, Model, Calculate, Simulate - each focusing on visitors acquiring different explorer tools. The whole gallery has an atelier vibe to it using friendly materials like cardboard and is lined by a gigantic construction, a low poly 'yellow snake'.