Heilbronn, Germany


Experimenta is Germany’s largest new science centre. Between no less than 1,800 square metres and 65 multimedia installations, filling the two exhibition spaces took considerable time and effort. The opening date was a fact, which meant delivering high-quality, sustainable interactives in a completely new building with experimental architecture within budget and on schedule was a must.


We began feasibility studies and calculations three years before the opening. Thanks to thorough preparations, we managed to produce an average of 8 interactives per month. From a technical perspective, we implemented eye-tracking, high-speed cameras, and facial recognition to make the exhibitions about materials (Stoffwechsel) and the world (Weltblick) come alive.

What were the deliverables?

  • 65 multimedia installations in 1,800 m² exhibition space
  • 2-D and 3-D games
  • Augmented / Mixed Reality experiences
  • 1 high-speed camera interactive
  • 1 interactive based on eye-tracking>>
  • 1 interactive with facial recognition
  • 1 exhibit in which the visitor appears as a hologram in a holobox

The experience

Experimenta’s eye-catching architecture pulls visitors inside. In the exhibitions Stoffwechsel and Weltblick on the second and third floors, they discover what happens during a car crash, how to make the invisible visible, and why toast always falls butter-side down.

Every turn reveals a new surprise. Imagine turning yourself into a hologram. Three cameras record visitors, who can then see themselves thanks to a holobox. In the interactive ‘Where is the panda?’, visitors are asked to solve a puzzle while their eyes are recorded using eye-tracking. How do they go about it? Is there a pattern or are their actions completely random?

How does a droplet fall from a tap? Using a high-speed camera, visitors can play this phenomenon in super slowmotion. They can also discover how to make music with plants, how every magnification helps to discover more of the world, and how to save a stranded hot air balloonist using different types of maps.

Would you like to know more about EXPERIMENTA or have a similar project in mind? Please get in touch with Wouter Verbiest (wouter.verbiest@yipp.nl).