Wereldmuseum Rotterdam


After collaborating successfully on Super Street, the Wereldmuseum (world museum) asked YIPP to be part of their next exhibition. Crossroads Rotterdam places the collection in a contemporary context. New works by Rotterdam locals form a dialogue with historical art. The idea was for visitors to interact with the collection, such as the special Asmat shields, batik, and sapper clothing.


YIPP created three playful, rich, and creative interactives. The sapper game teaches players about the outfits this special group wore, by catching items of clothing using their body. Using a touchscreen, visitors can design their own Batik-pattern in the same way authentic cloths are designed.

YIPP also created detailed 3D scans from the delicate Asmat shields. We first took high-resolution pictures of each shield in good, even lighting. Photogrammetry compared the photos across thousands of points. Each of these points is assigned a spatial spot, which makes them 3D. Thanks to the detailed photos and the software’s computational power, the tiniest details came alive – which even allowed the curators to discover new details.

What were the deliverables?

  • 3 interactives
  • 5 3D scans of delicate shields
  • 1 interactive that reads a live position using a camera

The experience

Visitors can see the Asmat shields up close for the first time thanks to detailed 3D scans. Visitors learn about the history and the meaning of the symbols in these unique shields through playful animations and a voice over.

Once visitors have studies every little detail of the collection, the sapper game gives them an active, colourful break. Visitor try to catch as many outfits as possible by running back and forth in front of the big screen. This playfully immerses them in the extravagant expe-rience of being a sapper.

The interactive Batik offers room for creativity. This realistic experience leads players through the process step by step, as they create their own unique pattern. Then it’s time to hang this artwork next to some other masterpieces from the Wereldmusuem collection for everyone to see.

Would you like to know more about Crossroads or have a similar project in mind? Please get in touch with Wouter van der Zouwe (wouter.vanderzouwe@yipp.nl).