Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

At Kruispunt, the visitor is immersed into a huge variety of cultures from all over the world aided by the different collections of the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam. YIPP took the opportunity to give some of these great pieces a new layer, allowing the visitor to get closer to the objects than ever before and learn about them in a playful manner.

Get in touch with the clothing styles of sappers in a playful way by collecting as many great-looking clothing sets as possible. But for this, first you need to catch as most as possible falling clothing items with your own body. Run from one side of the screen to the other and collect as many clothing sets as possible.

Or make your own unique Batik-pattern in a traditional way. By following a realistic step by step proces, you make your own pattern. This piece of art will then be hung right next to some of the masterpieces of the Wereldmuseum for everyone to see.

And for the first time, visitors can get a super close look at the Asmat shields on display. We spent a day at their depot to make high quality 3D scans of their shields, opening up a new world of details – even for the curators! By supplementing animations, illustrations and texts, the visitor can get even more depth about the many different symbols that can be found on the shields.