Groote Museum


The Groote Museum is Artis' new museum, for which YIPP produced 10 interactives. This is not a standard museum where you learn things, it's mainly designed to get you asking questions. How do you experience the world, what is your place in nature, and are you really that different from a chimpanzee or a forest Violet? The content and form of the required interactives was already established in most cases. Both the museum team and design agency had already come up with some great ideas. But the big question was: how are we going to get the visitors to think and experiment without guiding them too much?


We began developing each exhibit by having a kind of philosophical discussion of 1 to 2 hours. We brainstormed how to turn the content and form into an interactive experience. We created the final exhibits by making prototypes and developing new products together with the Groote Museum team.
“A number of our exhibitions here are more like works of art that raise questions than explaining exactly how everything is put together. It's a freer and more autonomous approach than, for example, a science centre. It's something very special to us!”
Wouter van der Zouwe (director YIPP)

The experience

In the Groote Museum, visitors are challenged to use all their senses from entry to exit. They are stimulated by the various interactive experiences that the museum has to offer. An interactive animation shows the evolution of life by pulling a rope that represents the umbilical cord. You start as a newborn baby and go back in time through your grandparents and Neanderthals, up to our Last Universal Common Ancestor...can you still look at your role in the world the same as before? A talking plant takes visitors into its environment. The story is supported by projection mapping in the plant's shadow. You will see butterflies that come to get and bring pollen, a nibbling caterpillar, and roots that communicate with each other underground. The plant wonders about humans, rather than the other way around, and makes you think about the similarities and impact of plant lives and human lives. Other installations stimulate your memory, your fingertips, your hearing, and your imagination. As always, YIPP has combined aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to convey the museum's message. The Groote Museum leaves you in wonder with more questions than answers, so you may look at nature and people around you very differently.

Do you want to know more about the Groote Museum or can we help you with a similar project? Please contact Wouter van der Zouwe (wouter.vanderzouwe@yipp.nl).

Photography by the Groote Museum and YIPP
Video by YIPP