Situated near beautiful lake Geneva in the town of Vevey, Switzerland, the recently opened //nest// shows visitors the company's past, present and future. See the teaser here. We went on a 1-year journey with exhibition design company Tinker Imagineers to develop some of the most demanding interactives.


“Food Forum” handles Nestlé’s global issues such as Climate Change, Child Labour, Food Waste, Packaging, etc. YiPP spent over 6 months working out the complex storylines with Tinker and turning these into graspable chunks that are fun and interesting. We then went on to design, animate and sound design all the subjects. YiPP was the first to turn the award-winning Nestlé style elements into moving characters. Our developers finalized all the software right on schedule for pre-opening of this marvellous piece of the //nest// experience.

Quick facts
- 10 touch tables activated by RFID objects
- 15 topics, each designed with customised animations, interactivity and storytelling
- DMX light control
- Triple language voice overs


Make a personalized vintage Nestlé poster! This instant classic is very popular with visitors. Two built-in stations allow choosing several cool vintage Nestlé posters. Thanks to YiPP's custom algorithms, any face is nicely photoshopped into the poster. A little bit of tweaking, and voilá! Super results each time. E-mail it to anyone. Or what about a day of fame? With one click your poster folds up into an origami bird and flies off to the huge video wall.

Eyetracker & Smarties pong

One of the coolest games is 'Behind your personal taste', fully controlled by eye movement. Players start by looking at several packages, after which our software tells you which 2 products got most of your attention. Later in the game you're trying to mix and match ingredients with the packages they belong to. And how about trying to write your own name? All by using the power of your eye movement, that is.
In the 'Living Archives' where over 100 years of Nestlé products are on display, we developed a game of pong for a bit of retro feel. Of course it's customised: you're ponging smarties. Using 8-bit KitKat paddles.