The primary goal of the Gas Science Museum is to educate all children from primary and secondary schools in the Shenzhen area about energy throughout history and around the world. The focus lies on global issues and developments, as well as local energy supply in the multi million inhabitants city of Shenzhen. The spectacular entrance of the centre is a dome projection that immerses visitors into the history of planet Earth from an energy point of view. In the following thematic areas, some 100 interactive exhibits let visitors experience the story of energy in past and present. The visit is concluded with impressive displays of present day and futuristic sustainable energy solutions.

YiPP was involved in budgeting and feasibility studies and later carried on with game and interaction design in the concept phase.

At the Technology Playground, where can be learned how gas as a fossil fuel is formed over thousands of years, visitors can create different kinds of gases themselves.
At the Home Discovery Quest people can learn, by using an Ipad with Augmented Reality, in what ways gas is used in our homes.
We also created the Safety Games, where visitors have to fix safety problems at home by finding the right solutions and save complete cities from burning down by closing the right pipelines.
Furthermore YiPP collaborated in the exhibits about the bottled gas delivery process and fuel cell possibilities.

Although the Gas Science Museum is mainly focused on younger kids, the museum also welcomes students, families, employees of the Shenzhen Gas Corporation and government officials.