Technopolis, Belgium

Ever wanted to freeze time? This super cool exhibit does it. Inspired by the movie "The Matrix" we produced a fully automatic Bullet Time (also know as Time Slice) installation!

Visitor are inspired to discover new cool stuff in the Technopolis area 'Inspirience'. The eyecatcher is this 48 camera installation we produced with Heijmerink | Wagemakers.

How It Works

The installation counts down from 5 to 0 and the takes 48 high quality photo's with super accurate timing. Our custom software automatically constructs the photos into a video within no more than 8 seconds. The result is sent to the big screen and to your personal Technopolis webpage - so you can brag about that awesome karate kick back at home.

Techblog Mancave interviewed YiPP's Wouter Verbiest for a behind-the-scenes article on the subject: https://mancave.conrad.nl/mancave-behind-the-scenes-3d-opnames-met-bullet-time/