Schip in zicht!

Kaap Skil, Texel

Kaap Skil bezit de grootste maritieme maquette ter wereld. Samen met Synergique en Kaap Skil creƫerden we een extra informatielaag bovenop de maquette. Met dank aan een hele hoop techniek.

The scale model with its 160 boats has been brought to life with an interactive top-down projection. Visitors can use stations around the model to highlight individual features and learn more about the rich stories behind the different ships that lay anchor in 17th century Texel.

Right next to the model is a collaborative three-player multiplayergame, where visitors experience first-hand the difficulties of sailing the treacherous //Zuiderzee//.

For a look behind the scenes, read our very own developer Thomas Kole's blog about the sailing game here.