Kamp Amersfoort



Kamp Amersfoort was a horrific place during World War II. Now it is a place to commemorate, reflect and contemplate the deceased. Can we both inform visitors ánd make them aware of their moral choices by means of virtual reality?


YIPP created an intense interactive VR experience suitable for groups. In this concept by Maike Olij and Tinker imagineers, visitors experience that go beyond good versus evil. How do you deal with peer pressure, authority, trust and the (un)availability of reliable information? YIPP recreated the physical space in 3D software to allow for full interactivity and multiplayer VR. To make sure the project would be stable and durable, test groups were involved at a very early stage.

What we delivered

• Interactive multiplayer VR experience, 30 minutes long, suited for 7-16 persons
• Photo monument - database with prisoners from Kamp Amersfoort
• Backend system voor museum staff to handle the VR experience

Would you like to discuss Kamp Amersfoort or similar projects? Contact Wouter van der Zouwe at info@yipp.nl

Credits: Photography by Mike Bink / Video by Joris Verleg commissioned by Tinker imagineers.