This is YIPP

YIPP is a studio specialized in designing and producing digital media applications. A new media development company that combines cutting edge technology, creative thinking and professional management to develop unique state - of the art media. YIPP offers full service multimedia development from concept design to production and implementation. It combines strong management skills with a strong creative approach.

We make it cool

In all our projects action and interaction are key concepts. ‘Gamification’ and storytelling are the starting points for our multimedia, games, mobile apps and virtual reality applications. Our products are playful, entertaining and educational. We feel users should be able to hear, smell, touch and interpersonally get involved. Using our extensive experience in sensors and engineering we can create an experience that is unique, engaging and unforgettable for the user. For every message our clients want to communicate the possibilities are endless.

We make it beautiful

To inspire and make an impact, all of our products need to seduce the user first to get their attention. To keep them engaged we build experiences which are fun, informative and beautiful. We hold aestethics in very high regard with everything we do and deliver designs that please the eye, but also work from a user perspective. We think an effective design that users can intuitively understand from the first use is also a thing of great beauty.

We make it work

We keep an emphasis on the reliability of all delivered products. We have a unique way in doing this. First, we understand how software and hardware always interconnect and rely on each other. We are always involved in choosing hardware and advise where needed. Second, we do our own research and development considering sensors and actuators. We love testing new hardware, and if it’s reliable enough, we find ways to bring it to the visitor. Third, we do lots of testing in our studio, to minimize bugs or performance flaws.