work in progress

Deutsches Museum

Munich, Germany

In a project of enormous scale, Deutsches Museum in Munich is modernising. The museum of science and technology is the largest of its kind in the world, encompassing more than 30 different exhibitions in a vast building which is located on its own island in the centre of the Bavarian capital.

Everything about Deutsches Museum is large. Modernisation works started in 2006 and part 1 is set to finish by the end of 2021 and part 2 in 2028. YIPP has been commissioned to design and produce all multimedia interactives for part 1, which stretches over an exhibition space of 25.000 m2. YIPP will create 31 individual interactives which are spread over 10 different permanent exhibition spaces. The themes of the exhibitions range from agriculture, atomic physics and health to optics and aeronautics, among others. An interactive multi-touch table is already in Munich, inviting players to discover different facets of 21st century agriculture. Over the course of 2021, many more interactives are set to come.

Image credits: Architekten Schmidt-Schicketanz und Partner GmbH/3F Studio, nuur.nu, YIPP