Living looonger

NEMO Studio, Amsterdam

‘Living Looonger’ is an exhibition for (young) adults, on show at Studio, a location of the NEMO Science museum.

We’re getting older and older. Over the past 150 years our life expectancy has doubled. But is getting older really such a good idea? Or should we strive to feel young for as long as possible? Living Looonger shows you all about the future of ageing in five different zones.

This exhibition for (young) adults leaves plenty of room for interactivity, reflection, and exchange. Is your biological age really in sync with your actual age? What constitutes old? And do you ever talk about death?

In the exhibition, physical space and games collide. YIPP designed a number of interactives and edited a number of documentaries and animations on the theme of ageing.

How to become as old as possible?

How will you keep your patient’s biological age as low as possible? This interactive is derived from the board game Operation and asks visitors: to replace or to rejuvenate? The game combines analogue and digital as players can either replace organs or administer supplements. When replacing an organ, they must be careful how and where to put it! Will you make the right choice, and how old will your patient become?

Test your biological age

What is your biological age? Take your place among the boxing balls and perform a number of tests. How much strength do you have left? How well can you stand up? And how much do you sleep, move, and eat on average? The results may be a little confronting: depending on your results you will see your face get younger or older.

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