Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam


The Super Street is a special exhibition for kids, introducing them to various cultures through interactives. This was the first exhibition shown at the Wereldmuseum (world museum) after its renovation. The museum’s aim was to be a family-friendly day out that appeals to the imagination and introduces you to a small number of the 175 nationalities living in Rotterdam. In a multicultural journey of discovery, children learn how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Discover your neighbours and travel the world.


YIPP created 7 interactives for this children’s exhibition. The interactives bring the space to life in the areas where you can visit the various neighbours. Visit Ouassim’s music ta-ble and find yourself inside his bedroom studio, or play the shopping game in Ada’s toko using custom-made hand scanners. Close collaboration between the museum and set designers allows the interactive components to fit into the exhibition seamlessly.

What were the deliverables?

  • 7 interactives including:
  • 1 interactive projection with scanned colouring sheets
  • 1 music table with interactive projection mapping
  • 1 chat box
  • 1 interactive tracking dance game
  • X custom-made hand scanners
  • 1 interactive projection on a book using sensors
  • X touch screens with RFID readers en physical ‘ingredients’

The experience

It’s neighbours day in super street, and today the family will get to know their neighbours a little better. Neighbourhood ceremonial master Freddy – an employee of the museum – welcomes the visitors and explains they can visit all the neighbours.

The first space the children enter is Rodney’s, where they can design a carnival costume on a colouring sheet. The sheet is placed in a scanner, and their design comes dancing onto the screen. Rodney also invites them to a dancing lesson to learn Caribbean dance moves. They follow the on-screen instructions and get to see their own moves at the end.

Then it’s on to Ada’s toko to do some grocery shopping. Using a hand scanner, the chil-dren are challenged to scan everything on their shopping list within the allotted time. Af-ter passing some other neighbours, the children meet Ouassim. In his bedroom studio they are invited to make their own music on the music table. Using an actual mixing con-sole, they produce their own beat and song lyrics, coached by cool visuals.

At the end of the day, Freddy interviews the children. Who lives on their street? Do they ever have a neighbours day? After visiting the kids exhibition, the children leave with new insights into different cultures, and with a curiosity that stimulates them to go discov-er their own street.

Would you like to know more about Super Street or have a similar project in mind? Please get in touch with Wouter van der Zouwe (wouter.vanderzouwe@yipp.nl).

Credits: Photography by Super Street Video by SinemaMaffia