Explore Zone

Continium Discovery Center


The Discovery Museum (formerly Continium) wants to collectively involve everyone in making earth a better place. The museum offers an accessible and educational look at how the world works from a science and technology perspective. Through play, the Ex-plore Zone aims to change the way children and adults look at and think about the world.


Explore Zone is divided into 6 themes: food, health, energy & IT, life, materials, and hous-ing, work & leisure. Ten DIY-stations allow visitors to discover themes such as how to keep all the residents in a neighbourhood happy or the effect weather has on a certain area.

What were the deliverables?

7 custom-made interactives, including: 1 interactive sand table 1 ageing app

The experience

From the outside, the Discovery Museum may be grey and abstract, inside it’s bursting with colours, welcoming visitors in. The interior features various interactive stations invit-ing visitors to touch and discover their own future and that of their surroundings. Inside a fortune teller’s tent, visitors can get a sneak peek at their future selves based on their life-style.

At Design your Neighbourhood, visitors try to weigh up the conflicting interests of a neighbourhood full of residents: how do you keep everyone happy? The interactive sand table gets players to create their own environments, unleashing various weather condi-tions to see what influence they will have.

At the food stations, visitors piece together a sustainable hamburger at the food truck and try to guess how much sugar everyday products contain using a giant scale. Last but not least, visitors become micro-surgeons, using tools to perform skilful actions via live cam-era images.

Would you like to know more about Explore Zone or have a similar project in mind? Please get in touch with Wouter Verbiest (wouter.verbiest@yipp.nl).