• Accessibility Post #2

    maandag 11 December 2023

    Accessibility – Barrierefreiheit – toegankelijkheid, across the board more and more of our clients are pushing us to keep on looking at our work and to ask ourselves; How can we make it more accessible to a greater number of visitors?

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  • Accessibility deel 1

    donderdag 30 September 2021

    Toegankelijkheid – Barrierefreiheit – accessibility, steeds vaker worden we door opdrachtgevers met onze neus op te feiten gedrukt. Kijkend naar ons werk vragen we ons af; hoe kunnen we het toegankelijker maken voor een grotere groep bezoekers?

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  • Immersive Lab

    dinsdag 1 juni 2021

    Het YIPP Immersive Lab is een immersieve projectieruimte, opgezet in onze studio te Amsterdam Noord. Hierin willen we experimenteren en nieuwe dingen creëren die mooi, leuk, meeslepend én interactief zijn.

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  • CERN Science Gateway

    dinsdag 9 maart 2021

    Nieuwe opdracht! In een geweldig, volledig Nederlands consortium wonnen we de pitch voor design & build van 2 grote ruimtes in CERN Science Gateway!

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  • Koning opent nieuwe tentoonstelling Ereveld Loenen

    woensdag 2 December 2020

    Op 26 november 2020 opende Koning Willem-Alexander het nieuwe herdenkings- en educatiecentrum van Nationaal Ereveld Loenen. In de tentoonstelling, ontworpen door Tinker Imagineers, focussen we op verhalen van Nederlandse oorlogsslachtoffers en de inzet van Nederlanders tijdens internationale (vredes)missies. Bezoekers ‘ontmoeten’ nabestaanden van oorlogsslachtoffers en komen meer te weten over de veteranen en de militaire missies waaraan Nederland een bijdrage heeft geleverd.

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  • Unieke installaties

    vrijdag 23 oktober 2020

    Vaak maken we voor opdrachtgevers een 'groep' interactives, maar net zo vaak komt het voor dat we één unieke installatie, game, of beleving maken. Hier een paar voorbeelden die de afgelopen maanden het levenslicht zagen.

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  • De Kruispunt 3D collectie

    woensdag 14 oktober 2020

    Het Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam heeft een grote collectie aan gedetailleerde, handgesneden, houten Asmat-schilden uit de provincie Papua. Via een techniek genaamd 'photogrammetry' hebben we alle objecten in 3D gescand. De bezoeker kan zo unieke details ontdekken in de speciaal ontworpen interactive.

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  • Our personal top 5

    woensdag 12 februari 2020

    As the new year has started up fully, we at YIPP took a moment to reflect and look back. To find out what the best exhibit would be we’ve ever made. But not by price, amounts of visitors, publications or anything alike…

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  • Global Game Jam 3

    donderdag 9 januari 2020

    Third year for YIPP people to join the Gamejam and in that spirit we ended up having 3 separate teams as well.

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  • Our climate footprint

    dinsdag 24 December 2019

    We tried to find out how much YIPP contributes to climate change - and what we can do about it. We worked out our total greenhouse footprint of 2019, and made some plans for the future.

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  • Global Game Jam 2019 - Rotterdam

    donderdag 14 maart 2019

    Just like last year YIPP participated in the Global Game Jam, this year with four people. Arco and Max (programmers), Mike (designer) and Thomas (Technical Artist). We’ve got some additional support from Sasha (designer) to help us out with visuals.

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  • Experimenta

    vrijdag 2 November 2018

    Upon opening in 2019, Experimenta will be the largest science center in Germany. YIPP is producing over 60 interactive exibits and audiovisual installations.

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  • Eat. Create. Repeat.

    woensdag 11 April 2018

    Our designer Marocha participated in a 48h Game Jam. Her team had a special angle, focusing on storytelling and won awards for BEST GAME ART and BEST SOUND DESIGN.

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  • Cuba

    dinsdag 13 maart 2018

    Sometimes we venture a bit into unknown territory. This assignment seemed small but made a huge impact in a remarkable country: Cuba.

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  • Animating jellyfish

    maandag 13 November 2017

    Creating a Jellyfish in 3D with animations is not an easy task. Here is my process of combining two different techniques of animations to get the final result.

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  • Prototypes

    donderdag 27 juli 2017

    It's probably my favorite part of a project: building quick prototypes to test ideas, designs, technology... At YiPP we build a lot of prototypes and we wanted to share some of the nicest ones with you!

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  • The 'Minority Report reference'

    dinsdag 21 maart 2017

    Anyone working in our field will have heard this during a client briefing some time or another: "we want it to be something cool and futuristic like in that movie 'Minority Report'... you know!"

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  • Museumvisie december 2016

    woensdag 7 December 2016

    Three of our projects were featured in the december issue of the Museumvisie, the magazine of the Dutch Museums Association. Of course we're very proud of that fact!

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  • ?!What the..Wednesday II

    woensdag 19 oktober 2016

    Very soon we will be moving to a different floor, that’s why we came up with some absolute must-haves for our new office. Next to that we had a look at the amazing real-time cinematography in Unreal, an interview with the composer of DOOM 2016, swarm robotics, and some pretty nice visual stuff.

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  • ?!What the....Wednesday

    woensdag 12 oktober 2016

    From now on every wednesday we collect and share our favorite projects. This first week an interactive race experience, the use of colour in storytelling, amazing code based visuals, perspective tracking demo's, and the story of a mysterious hexagonal room with an interior where 'Star Trek meets Mad Man'...

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  • Working in China

    woensdag 13 juli 2016

    We have just returned from a trip to Shenzhen China, to finish up a project we have been working on for the past year. So I thought it would be nice to share some of our experiences with you. And maybe give some tips and tricks if you have a Chinese project coming up.

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  • A blog?

    woensdag 8 juni 2016

    Yes a blog! From now on we will share all our endeavours, discoveries, insights and nonsense with you through this blog! For example, now I have a place to tell you a little bit about the things we discovered while making 5 Kinect powered games for the Philips Museum.

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